Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order? 

We process all orders via our website as we do not have a store to pick up from, please go to Shop and choose the product(s) you want. Minimum order is 1 pack. 

Are the eggs cooked?

No, all our products are uncooked. They need to be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days and cooked before consumption. 

How to cook the eggs? 

All of our products are fresh and uncooked. Cooking time is usually a personal preference, we suggest to bring a pot of water to the boil. add eggs and simmer for 12 to 15 mins depending on your preference. 

Do you do free shipping? 

No, sorry. We do not have any control over the cost for shipping as it is set by the courier company, the size of the box is relevant to packaging your eggs to protect and help prevent any damage to the order.  

Shipping costs vary depending on where the delivery address is. 

When do I get my order? 

Normally orders are dispatched within 14 days after we receive your order, this allows the required time to grow Balut to required ages of 14, 17 and 21 days. 

How long will shipping take? 

We ship all orders over New Zealand with Courier post, their target delivery is 1-3 days. 

Eggs are damaged, I want a refund. 

NZ Duck Eggs is happy to replace damaged goods.  

To make a claim on broken product for replacement the following needs to occur: 

One image of the broken product needs to be taken as soon as discovered upon opening the items. Do not take items out of the tray we need to see how many eggs are broken as is, with the broken product / damaged pieces clearly visible. 

 Balut pieces will only be refunded or replaced if fluid is leaking. All slightly damaged pieces can be steamed, not boiled, to avoid the skin under the shell breaking. 

Do you do bulk orders? 

Please send us an email to or message us on our Facebook page. 

Can you give a discount?

No, as we process all orders via website, the price is as listed. However, you can make a saving on shipping cost. As a suggestion maybe you could share an order with a friend or family members as we can fit 4 packs of eggs in one box for the same shipping as 1 pack. This would spread the cost of shipping for you. 

What sizes are there?

We have 12-piece mixed packs of Balut grown for 14 days small baby and 17 days grown for medium baby. The weight of eggs for these are between 40g and 64.9g a piece. 

Also, there are 10 pack jumbo size Balut grown for 14 days small baby and 17 days grown for medium baby and 21 days grown for large baby, weight of eggs for these are between 65 and 100g a piece. 

Salted eggs come in 10 pack Jumbo or 12 pack mixed size.  

Also, we have penoy. You may receive a 12-piece mixed pack or a 10-piece jumbo. There is no choice with Penoy as the penoy is a naturally occurring product and we are unable to control how much is produced. So, we ship what we have on the day. 



For any enquirys, please get in touch.