21 Day Large Baby 10 Pack *SPECIAL ORDER* read product description


WARNING, 21 day is a special order, we make it after you have ordered it.

If you order 21day with any other products you could cause a delay to your order as your entire order will be waiting on the 21day eggs to be ready before we can dispatch.

Comes in 10 piece packs

Out of stock



10 pack jumbo 64 grams to 85 grams egg weight

Chick age is 21 days

This is the Large chick inside

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 310 × 110 × 130 mm

10 pack jumbo 68 to 80 grams, 12 pack mixed size 50 to 68 grams


14 day small baby, 17 day medium baby, 21 day big baby


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